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The Blue Suede Crew stepped out in faith and created a special Gospel show as part of their repertoire in 2007.

When asked about the stumbling blocks the group has had to overcome since adding this special portion to their shows, Scott replies, "We've been given an opportunity - a gift from God and nothing compares to being used by God in whatever capacity he chooses for you. We have used our faith to ride the ups and downs."

Scott continues, "Doing this Gospel tribute has been an integral part of who we are now as a band. It's an amazing feeling to know the music you are singing not only has a resounding impact on the audience but also on us as performers. We are honored that God would call us and it is our belief this music will appeal to all ages and walks of life. It is our hope we might bring our audience closer to God through such heartwarming music but most importantly, it is our goal to bring people together to praise our Lord and Savior."

That kind of dedication and heart for service is not the most common attitude found in tribute bands and is one that sets The Blue Suede Crew apart from the pack.